Don’t bring a conspiracy to a science fight



It’s no surprise, but I still have a hard time believing we’re really here. Now?!? Six months after the pandemic was known to be full-blown here in the USA? Ug.

COVID19 doesn’t care what we believe, it is only affected by what we do in the physical world. Rules and exceptions are human constructs. If you don’t want to spread disease you have to stop doing the things that spread disease. Sad but true.

If you don’t think this thing is real, you just don’t know anyone who’s died from it yet. I lost my Grandmother to the virus back in April. She was in one of those places where they ran out of ventilators. Yes, that actually happened. She is dead and will stay that way for the same reasons no matter what people claim after the fact. No amount of political reframing or sheer lies will make her alive again, and it doesn’t matter whose mouth is moving…she ain’t.

Sorry to be so dreadfully crass here, but apparently that’s where we’re at these days. Death is the direct result of the lying. 190k and counting…

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