Dropping 100 Projects: Week 3 (of 3!)


This is it, I’m dropping the drop. And here’s some fun new music from one of my favorite bands of 2019 to accompany this rather long post, if you like :)

Ah… Sounds better already, doesn’t it?

Now this was supposed to be the project to end all projects. Originally, I had the goal of to be doing/dropping one hundred per week as I did a decade ago, the last time I did kind of drastic project & productivity pruning overhaul.

Although it didn’t quite turn out that way, the final project tally ain’t all that bad.
  • completed = 52
  • deleted = 85
  • I did end up revising my “nothing roles over” edict, permitting myself a top 20. More on that below.

One of the biggest feelgoods around all this is the uncounted tasks these project numbers don’t reflect. I’d guess I cleared out somewhere between 2000-3000 of those. Yes really, not kidding. While not all of these were straight up completed or deleted, maybe a quarter of them were simply migrated to a more appropriate list format from a to-do item. So I didn’t really lose anything, I just let go of any feeling of “should” around it and generally tightened up my system.

  • This is not the once-a-decade clearance spree that I thought it was. Going forward, I will do this with the same rigor every year.
  • In order to be successful without the stressful, Drop100 should be the only elective project that I plan to take on in December. Even when it doesn’t look like it’s going to be at first, this is simply a busy time with lots of unanticipated stuff popping up that I want to be able to say “yes“ to.
  • There is a fundamental issue with the number of projects I agree to. “As I posted here”: https://sam-rogers.com/TooManyIdeas, I need some better processes for creating and tracking agreements, and I already have some ideas about that.
  • It’s almost always more complicated than I think it’s going to be. As good as I think I should be at estimating the distance to “done” the truth is that life just seems to have other plans. The kind that take longer. I would be better served to allow for a wider margin of uncertainty. In 2020, all time estimates are hereby being doubled.
  • I can do a helluva lot when I just sit down and crank through it all. There’s a lot to be said for just sucking it up and working my way through a pile of crap that I’ve been passively avoiding.

Ok, if you’re up for it, here are the month’s cumulative & raw results. Drum roll, please…

  1. WindowsPC refresh see post here
  2. De-Googled email setup/conversion complete see post here
  3. GoogleCal to Nextcloud transition
  4. Box to Nextcloud transition
  5. Sync all contacts to iPad via Nextcloud
  6. Teleprompter conversion of old iPad
  7. Xmas gift shopping for 2019
  8. Job applications at Snow College
  9. Shift all daily forward tasks from ToDoist
  10. delete all duplicates and near duplicates in ToDoist
  11. iPad to productivity config
  12. clean up all databases & installs on webserver
  13. All prep & presentation materials for IDIODC appearance
  14. complete/moved all current one-time tasks in ToDoist
  15. move all “2get” items from ToDoist to textfile
  16. unsubscribe to everything possible & move remaining subscriptions to new email
  17. Doable Change business launch
  18. DoableChange.com revisions & booking infrastructure
  19. create FOSS DoableChange Productivity infrastructure
  20. Drop all non-critical monthly payments (Adobe, LinkedIn, Audible, etc.)
  21. Property management followups for 2019
  22. delete all “someday I’ll read this” articles
  23. delete all “someday I’ll watch this” videos & courses
  24. Profit First accounting setup (2019 edition)
  25. SnapSynapse.com 2019 content updates
  26. LSCon marketing materials & organizer needs delivered, travel booked, etc.
  27. recorded Vision2020 Annual Review gift
  28. delete all outdated projects & tasks
  29. all social media post ideas scheduled in hootsuite
  30. tax & finance 2019 prep
  31. Optimistic Holdings actions for 2019
  32. Annual charitable contributions for 2019
  33. 2020 business renewals & filings
  34. Health Insurances detangled for 2020
  35. Drivers Licence & Voting Reg changes/renewals
  36. delete all google voice texts & voicemails
  37. Request, download, delete, & archive all Google data from alt/old accounts
  38. Request, download, & archive all Twitter data
  39. Request, download, & archive all LinkedIn data
  40. Request, download, & archive all Facebook data
  41. Zoom to Nextcloud transition
  42. GoogleDrive to Nextcloud transition
  43. Dropbox to Nextcloud transition
  44. credit card open/close evaluations & actions for 2019
  45. all job applications complete
  46. PGP setup for private secured email address
  47. Crosspulse client handoff
  48. Elizabeth video testimonial edited & delivered
  49. update CDBaby.com info for One Mouth Band
  50. handoff beatbox websites to Rahzel
  51. request access for Cornerstone certifications
  52. Lessonface business / revenue stream updates
  1. SnapSynapse.com revision & relaunch
  2. migrate this website to better publishing platform
  3. Mailchimp list recovery for Sam-Rogers.com, SnapSynapse.com, & OneMouthBand.com
  4. convert every Adobe-formatted file to Open version
  5. every Mac-formatted file converted to Open Document version
  6. every Windows-formatted file converted to Open Document version
  7. all Digital Learning Asset Framework content prepped for migration to Sam-Rogers.com
  8. all previous blog content prepped for migration to Sam-Rogers.com
  9. All future blog posts for SnapSynapse.com (including all requested posts)
  10. All future blog posts for this website
  11. add all presentations to Slideshare
  12. L&D Test Suite creation
  13. Twitter/LinkedIn/Medium/Facebook content publishing calendar for 2020
  14. all in-progress L&D articles for Medium/LinkedIn
  15. complete hootsuite certification program
  16. complete Seth Godin & MBA courses on Udemy
  17. complete Total Immersion swimming DVD
  18. research productizing Snap Synapse services
  19. get Cognician partnership client from Snap Synapse
  20. get WillowDNA partnership client from Snap Synapse
  21. Degreed partnership followup for Snap Synapse
  22. follow up paid writing opportunities with Better Humans on Medium
  23. LearningNow.TV spots scripted & recorded
  24. LearningNow.TV theme song created & sent
  25. Training Insurance business viability evaluation
  26. SnapSynapse.com SEO analysis & Google Analytics implementation
  27. SnapSynapse.com wordpress / website hardening initiative
  28. Document Management System evaluations & implementation
  29. create course for CatCat.com, Thinkific, Pluralsight, LinkedIn Learning, or similar
  30. create L&D livestream/webinar ultimate guide
  31. book & course purchases
  32. complete Machine Learning training course
  33. application for Master’s Degree
  34. blockchain building project
  35. all software/app/service/product trials
  36. review/delete Fruux, Voices.com, Ello & other dormant accounts
  37. conference connections tracking update for 2019 L&D conferences
  38. move D’s SLC office to storage unit
  39. move D’s stuff from barn to storage unit
  40. accept song-a-day challenge
  41. mastermind or other group with “Secure Your Digital Life” theme
  42. followup RE BryanDyer.wordpress.com
  43. Alan Weiss materials study & resource mining
  44. refresh & return old MacBook Pro for Apple credit
  45. YouTube optimization business launch
  46. cinematic video production business launch (portable Ursa setup)
  47. plan C int’l savings contribution for 2019
  48. Start EOZ company in Ephraim
  49. Start Estonian company with e-Resident status
  50. Start Act 20 company in Puerto Rico
  51. Doable Change Panamanian financial setup as operational business
  52. Energy Utility Group ad campaign testing for 2019
  53. Spectracell & other health analysis
  54. Linux certification training
  55. learn to program in Elm
  56. learn to program in Haskell
  57. learn Vim
  58. Colemak typing transition
  59. finish cryptocurrency course from Princeton
  60. finish Davinci Resolve course from Udemy
  61. BJ Fogg private training workshop on Behavioral Design
  62. BJ Fogg tinyhabits & Stanford Pursuasive Tech Lab research
  63. Ramit Sethi’s Success Triggers course
  64. Peak Prosperity’s Crash Course
  65. AnkiApp independent Spanish training program
  66. Write book proposal “Prove it or Lose it: Using Data To Decide”
  67. Website rebuild: JourneysInRhythm.com
  68. Website rebuild: OrganicHumanMusic.com
  69. Website rebuild: Optimistic.company
  70. Website rebuild: OneMouthBand.com
  71. Website rebuild: ClearMindPublishing.com
  72. Testimonial blast
  73. Submit Learning DevCamp speaking application
  74. Doable Change or similar podcast reboot
  75. Gumroad setup of Clear Mind product
  76. Audible resubmission of Clear Mind product
  77. aquaponics research & starter project build
  78. licensing business / revenue stream
  79. video course business / revenue stream
  80. blogging & writing business / revenue stream
  81. learning standards business / revenue stream
  82. write email do-over whitepaper / manifesto
  83. weekly Snap Synapse livestreaming show launch
  84. instrumental album recording
  85. next solo vocal album recording
And finally the category I was trying to avoid: TOP 20 RECOMMITTED
  1. Energy Utility Group web development / workflow project (now part of Goal 2)
  2. Stever Robbins YouTube/Google detanglement (now part of Goal 2)
  3. Business model canvas documentation for every business (now part of Goal 2)
  4. Direct followup with all mastermind participants, past/prospects (now part of Goal 3)
  5. Do-over L&D online portfolio (now part of Goal 4)
  6. Complete resume revision (now part of Goal 4)
  7. All cold lead followups (now part of Goal 4)
  8. Request updates to & release Ultimate L&D podcast guide (now part of Goal 4)
  9. Re-record, edit, & deliver Expert Witness video to IMS (now part of Goal 4)
  10. Expert Witness business & resume updates (now part of Goal 4)
  11. Snap Synapse holiday newsletter written & sent (now part of Goal 4)
  12. Troubleshoot all SSL certs for int’l use (now part of Goal 5)
  13. True inbox zero for both Gmail addresses (now part of Goal 5)
  14. Global Entry renewal application
  15. Panamanian Drivers License followups & legal prep
  16. Estonian e-Residency updates/renewal
  17. Open brokerage account in Australia
  18. Genetic testing followups
  19. Sell off excess audio/video gear
  20. Finish Red Cross CPR & First Aid certifications

These 20 recommitment projects listed above have been vetted to a much greater degree than those that came before. As a result, I’m feeling like I’m in much better shape than I have been with them. They are clearly defined, appropriately aggregated, and (thanks to my Vision2020 process) already set on the calendar.

If there’s anything you care to point out that maybe I have yet to realize, or if this inspires something in you, please use the comments below to say so!