End of Year Reporting goes IDIODC


Next week on Wednesday the 18th at 7am Pacific, I’ll be a returning guest on the Instructional Designers in Offices Drinking Coffee (aka IDIODC) livestream. It’s their last show of the year, in fact. And if it’s anything like the previous livestreams Brent and I did with L&D Talk or TLDCast, this is gonna be silly and fun!

Every Wednesday morning at 10am ET, the upbeat and candid conversation encourages peers in the Learning & Development industry to participate in the chat and share their own personal insight! The audio version is also usually released in podcast form too.

If you’re not yet hip to this tasty sip of weekly video, here is but a sample:

Here’s the write-up:

Hey, Merry end of year reporting Season! …What? That’s not a thing? Sure it is! This is the perfect time of year to be reflecting on your accomplishments and the value you add to your organization. But the big question is What do you count? What data do you have that tells the best story? Well, it’s not too late to figure that out.

Wrapping up 2019 with a solid EOY report is the best way to put the last 365 days into perspective. Evaluate what you’ve accomplished and note all things you may have not had enough time for as well. This sort of report will not only show you how far you’ve come, but also help you better forecast 2020!

In this session we’re going to help you discover the most important things for your department to count in order to show your work at the end of the year. Sam Rogers, of Snap Synapse has helped clients solve this annual reporting problem every year since 2001. And if it’s too late for this year… then this is the perfect time to learn what you should do in 2020.

It’s a win no matter what situation you are in!

And since it’s the last episode of 2019, we’ll also be celebrating the season. So share a final mug of 2019 coffee with the IDIODCs and leave with a belly full of knowledge and holiday cheer!

Hope you can join us on the interwebs! If you have any questions to ask in advance, the comments box below is a great place to do that. Just sayin’

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