It's not Emperor's Day


Today is President’s Day here in the USA, and a day off for me for the first time in ages.

Originally, this Federal Holiday was known as Washington’s Birthday then got combined with Lincoln’s, and then I think was supposed to roll up to all of’em.

Me? I’m just glad we still get to celebrate this day in 2021. Because we just had a real close one. Closer than any of us like to think. The Presidency almost ended a month ago.

As I’ve been saying for years, our 45th President isn’t the problem. It’s the 47th we gotta watch out for. Maybe the 48th. Maybe every President after how number 45 changed the role and nearly became our Emperor and King.

So this President’s Day, I’m celebrating like I never have before. With sincere gratitude, humility, and thanks. Not necessarily for the current President as much as that we get to have any President at all.