The File Sharing Do Over


Until this week, I had around 300GB of data spread across quite a few online filesharing accounts:
  1. Dropbox for One Mouth Band
  2. Dropbox for Snap Synapse
  3. Dropbox for Sam Rogers
  4. Box for Snap Synapse
  5. OneDrive for Snap Synapse
  6. Google Drive for One Mouth Band
  7. Google Drive for Snap Synapse
  8. iCloud for One Mouth Band
  9. iCloud for Snap Synapse
  10. Nextcloud (free account)

Now guess how many I have?

One. And it’s probably the one you know the least about: Nextcloud. That’s actually just the name of the tech, the hosting services is called The Good Cloud, and that is where I now pay for 25GB of the files I want to share to now be safely secured.

The rest have been downloaded, deleted, and de-shared, because WOW there was a lot of old stuff hanging out there online.
  • Some of it was shared with people I haven’t talked to in a decade, some of it was shared with people who have since died.
  • Some of the files were for projects that just never came together, or mixes for albums that were released years ago.
  • Some of it was, yes exactly the kind of sensitive and personally identifiable data which we all know is not good to have just hanging out there waiting to be hacked into. Ug!

Y’know the clouds aren’t some mystical, magical place. They’re just somebody else’s computers. But whose? And what are they getting out of the deal when it’s free to you? Just how much have you got there, exactly? What happens if/when it is compromised?

Like me, I bet you don’t really know. You just haven’t checked in a while. Maybe it’s time you did.

Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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