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This website, as with all my current websites, are not only eco-friendly — they’re 300% green! That means for every watt of electricity used to power these pixels, three watts of alternative and sustainable energy were generated. In this case, mostly from wind power in the Netherlands, as that’s where the server is.

GreenGeeks is an American company, and most of their business is running off datacenters based in the USA platform. I’m the weirdo who wanted a server not on US-soil because that’s where I live and I like to diversify every way I can whenever possible. I was already a customer when they opened up hosting in Europe for the same great low price of $2.95/month, and I jumped on it :)

For the last few years, I’ve been extraordinarily pleased with the hosting at The World’s #1 Green Energy Web Hosting Provider. Even though I’m on their base-level “ecostarter” (aka lite shared server) plan, I actually have over a dozen websites for the price of one. Using subdomains, you can too. That means you can basically run as many wordpress websites or pretty much any other thing that you want.

I’ve had maybe five webhosts in the last 25 years, and this is the only one I’ve really been happy with. Their tech support staff is super helpful, and the few times I’ve needed them they’ve been prompt and totally on the ball. Even funny, which really goes a long way with me. I can say things like Highly recommended! but the real proof is that I’m renewing with them at their full and non-discounted price this week.

Though they do also have a great affiliate program which I participate in. But this is an honest and uninfluenced recommendation based on over two years of experience with GreenGeeks. In other words, I really like them and if they were gonna suck, they woulda done it by now. Instead, they just make me very happy very consistently and I’m grateful for their excellent work that just happens to align with my values and beliefs as well. And how often do you get to say something like that? Not often enough, in my world.

If you have other such awesome and eco-minded companies that I should consider, please say so in the comments below. Here’s a video about GreenGeeks too

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