Inputs gone awry


  • Phonecalls
  • Videomeetings
  • Emails (20+ accounts)
  • Voicemail (3 accounts)
  • Texts (3 accounts)
  • Slack messages, comments, tags (? accounts)
  • LinkedIn messages, comments, tags (profile, page)
  • Twitter messages, comments, tags (5 profiles)
  • Facebook messages, comments, tags (profile, pages, groups)
  • Instagram messages, comments, tags
  • Medium messages, comments (2 profiles)
  • YouTube messages, comments (6 accounts)
  • Skype messages, comments (2 accounts)
  • iMessages
  • Facetime messages
  • Wire messages
  • Signal messages
  • Librem messages
  • Snail mail (3 addresses, 4.5 businesses)
  • Notes I made for myself
  • Things people told me or asked me to do

Usually I construct systems or rules to help me juggle it all.
Often there are technical faults or changes that break my systems and defy my rules.
Sometimes when I can really focus on a handful of these inputs, I can work myself through the backlog.
Rarely do I keep pace for long.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I suck at being responsive in all these areas at once, and I’m generally not very good or consistent on any one channel. This should come as a surprise to pretty much no one who knows me very well.

What should I be doing instead?