International Body Music Festival - ONLINE


I’ve been very happy to be part of the International Body Music Festival since the very beginning. This extended group of crazy music makers from around the globe is responsible for some of my most precious memories in the highlight reel of my life. Including:
  • meeting & jamming with my musical idols from Barbatuques in a parking lot in outside IBMF 1 in Oakland
  • performing & teaching and taking over restaurants in Sao Paolo in IBMF 3
  • performing, exploring, & assisting with the video crew of IBMF 7 in Bali

Truly there are MANY many moments and dozens of relationships that this community is responsible for…I don’t even have the words…

And I’m happy to be part of the folks behind the scenes making the COVID-era connections continue via Facebook & Zoom tomorrow. Please tune in here and enjoy the TWELVE HOUR MARATHON of 100% organic human music and feel the love!