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!!! UPDATE: Like most every other conference in the world that was scheduled for the month of March LSCon has been canceled!!!

Yesterday’s livestream with the Brent & Chris over at IDIODC was way fun! Much more than you’d expect from a topic like “End of Year Reporting” anyway. The video recording is available here, and the podcast version will be released soon.

I like doing livestreaming in part because I don’t get out to speak so much anymore. I used to make the rounds all the time, delivering sessions, workshops, and keynotes at 6-10 conferences per year. I also used to live closer to an airport, and I really wanted to improve my public speaking skills.

After a lot of hard work, I got to where I wanted to get to. I’m not the best speaker ever or anything, but I’m comfortable and know how to create great experiences with an audience in that context. Of course now that I feel a sense of mastery over the medium, I kinda don’t feel the need to do it anymore…

However, I will be exercising these skills at least once next year! I’ve been asked to go to Orlando at the end of March to present at the Learning Solutions 2020 conference, and I can see some family nearby too so I said yes. If you know what L&D stands for, I bet you’d really get a lot out of this conference.

Here’s what I’ll be doing there:
  • Using Data To Drive Better Decisions a full-day workshop for L&D professionals about helping organizations make more informed choices with more information, and how to gather/interpret/present in a way that moves people forward
  • Making Your Mobile Video Look Great a 1hr session on how to use your smartphone/tablet to shoot & edit live video
    Here’s the video I did to the last time I put your work out was.
  • more TBD I also usually lead a morning buzz discussion, which is a facilitated conversation on a specific topic such as usability testing, workflow, standardization, project management, or some other L&D related topic.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, hit me up and I bet I can get you an additional discount on registration.

Any questions or suggestions about this event, or other places I should be speaking? Let me know in the comments, please :)

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