One Year Later


This website has existed in some form for 20 years now. But it was around this time last year that I rebooted it to this current iteration.

By most any measure, it hasn’t worked out very well.
  • Almost no one has visited most posts/pages
  • The signup feature never really worked right
  • I’ve not kept to any of the original guidelines I set
  • The platform (Textpattern) has left a lot to be desired
  • I didn’t write as often as I’d planned and it took longer than I thought

But the good part is that I did write. And I wrote whether anyone read it or not. This has been a good place to clarify my thoughts, and to stick rants that I’d rather not have stirring up confrontation with friends and family on social media. It’s been…okay, overall.

Now I’m evaluating next steps. What should I use this place for going forward? What format/platform would best serve that end?

If you’d like to be the 3rd person to leave a comment this year, please do ;)