Prevailing Something-or-Other


Anyone who thinks printing money creates value should look to the richest country on Earth: Zimbabwe! (They printed more money than anyone else, ever)

Anyone who thinks a superpower nation will stay that way should look to the most successful of them all: USSR! (That name has not appeared on a map since 1991 for a reason)

Anyone who thinks a country with natural riches like ours will stay rich should look to the richest country on the planet: Venezuela! (More oil reserves than any other country, and a wide array of the most valuable minerals, resources, and natural ecosystems around)

Chances are you don’t have to look back in history very far (probably not beyond your own short lifetime) to see very plain examples that contradict the prevailing wisdom.

That’s because what’s prevailing isn’t called wisdom. There’s another name for it. And if it’s not on the tip of your tongue yet, not to worry, it will be soon.

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