Raise The Roof: A Party to Uplift & Inspire!


It’s a new decade, a leap year, and it’s time to Raise the Roof!

I’ll be making an appearance as The One Mouth Band on February 29th, jamming with AshoFem and helping this off-the-hook party get riled up and in motion! It’s great to be returning to my SF Bay Area roots for this special occasion. And I’m totally stoked to be performing alongside former bandmates Bryan Dyer (SoVoSo, Slammin) & Alyssa DeCaro (Body of Sound, Gamalan X) again!

You should really come! Can you come? It’d be great if you came too :)

Here’s the link to get your tickets but don’t wait until the last minute because all the good vibes will will likely sell this thing out. Hope to see you there!

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