Ratchet Forward


This weekend the time changes.

Well, here in the US.

Well, most of it.

Well, time doesn’t actually change at all, but our agreement about clocks do.

Spring Forward and Fall Back are the things we say around now. Which one is this again? Right, Fall Back. So what is 8am today will be 7am on Sunday. …For some reason that no one can ever suitably explain to me.

I once wrote about moving to UTC for everyone, or Stardate or something. Because that’s really the only thing that makes any sense at all when you think about it. And with this virus and disaster-ridden 2020 year, who cares what time it is where we are locally? What matters is if we show up on time in Zoom or Facetime or Skype. It is actually the same time everywhere on Earth, but we humans do so love to overcomplicate things.

Anyway, what I’d like to use this clockwise occasion for is neither springing forward or falling back, but ratcheting forward. I invite you to join me.

Want to get up earlier and get more done? Here’s your big chance!
  • quiet writing time to reflect or generate content
  • morning exercise time to work off that quarantine fifteen
  • adding or expanding that meditation practice that can help keep you sane in this insane world

Your phone will reset automatically, but you don’t have to reset your alarm clock. You can leave it right where it is and get up at the same time this week as you did last week. You’ll just have more time in your day for the healthy habits that never seem to squeeze in on the back end of your day.

This is the painless option. Just because everyone else is falling back doesn’t mean you have to join them. The rest of the world is screwed anyway, probably best to focus on what works for you this time.

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