You didn't forget, you had a #ReminderFail


Today’s post is excerpted/adapted from my eBook “Just Do The Thing: A Guide” which was released on Amazon three years ago today. You can still pay for it there if you want, but you can also get it at any price you name at Smashwords, or you can just read it as one big huge frickin’ Medium post over at Better Humans. Happy holidays!


“I was gonna do this thing, but I forgot.”

No, you didn’t. You failed to set a reminder is all.

Your brain is great at a whole bunch of stuff, but remembering is not one of them. That’s fine, there’s nothing wrong with you. Human brains just aren’t wired like that.

But you know what is? The manmade world.

Man made the manmade world, and wired it up to get things done. You probably have some fancy things with wires that remember things for you really well, though even they had humble beginnings.

“Plant the crops on this date, party on this one. Hey, look I invented the calendar!” Said one guy a long, long time ago.
“Do this first, then do that, then the other thing. Hey, look I made a list!” Said his mother.

Your brain is not responsible for remembering what’s on the calendar, that’s what the calendar is for.

Likewise, lists are for listing things you can refer back to later. These time-tested and trusted tools work quite well, when we remember to use them. That’s always the trick, right?

The holiday season is now upon us, and with it even more events and lists than usual. So for the rest of what’s left of the year, let’s stay out of the way and let our calendars and lists do their jobs. It’s all they ever get to do anyway, let’s not be so cruel as to take this away from them.

If you do choose to make and exception and assign your brain some mundane remembering tasks, remember that it will only scream at you the whole time you’re not doing what you told it to remember, insisting that you should. Let’s not forget what happened last time you had a 2pm appointment…

“Hey, this is your brain. Is it 2pm yet? Check the time. Oh, okay. How about now? Right, sorry. How about now? Well… How about now? Hey, don’t you dare forget what happens at 2pm! You should really be getting ready for that.”

This is simply more stress than you need in life. And unlike many of the other stresses in your life (holiday or otherwise), this one is completely avoidable.

If you remember one thing, remember that you get to choose what you need to remember. Let reminders do the rest. Now is a great time to use a calendar for timing things, and a list for listing things. Then you can go ahead and forget all you like. Actually, please do. No more #ReminderFail for you!

More time and less stress is a great holiday gift to give yourself…and those you love.