My New Resume


I’m comfortable in a great many situations, but I’m really not comfortable trying to pretend that I fit on a resume. Unsurprisingly, I’m not very good at it either.

So I finally broke down and paid someone else to help with some of the dirty work in reformatting my resume.

The old one was okay. I updated it for the new year and everything, but the main problem was that it was really designed to get consulting clients, not employee positions. These days I’m open to both. I’ve realized that if I want to do work that matters for people who care (as Seth Godin taught me), then I the likelihood of finding that in my industry means not doing consulting work. So I’m looking for companies with cultures that fit. And that are up for me working remotely, because I’m not in commuting distance to anything and there are family reasons why I won’t be for some time.

Will this resume help me get what I’m looking for? I don’t know, but it’s worth a shot! I’d love to have your feedback too — comments anyone?

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