Sam in Twenty-Twenty


I’ve been a lot of things, mostly improbable things. Things that don’t make any sense when you put them all together, and that stack up to something suspiciously beyond my 44 years of living. Some examples:
  • Int’l award-winning solo a cappella / beatbox act
  • Expert Witness
  • Star Trek alien
  • Acupressure Practitioner
  • Web Developer
  • Personal coach, Mastermind Leader & Group Facilitator
  • Social Media & Marketing Consultant
  • Audio Engineer & Video Producer
  • Author & Public Speaker

And that’s just the stuff I once got paid to do.

In any case, today I’m the Global Learning Technology & Analytics Manager for the global medical solutions provider ConvaTec. Yeah, I know, go figure. Believe it or not I’m actually somehow well-qualified for the position.

I’ve done a lot of my life out of sequence from the standard. This year, I took my first full-time employee job in…well, ever, I guess. It’s early yet, but it’s working so far. Great timing, in fact! As the rest of the world is falling apart, I’m leveraging all my skills toward helping things fall together for a business with 10k or so employees spread all across the globe.

Because this gig is pretty full-on, and because the rest of life is so haywire these days, I’m not actually taking anything else on at the moment. I’ve barely kept in touch with friends and family in the last few months. It’s a weird time.

If you happen to be one of those friends or family, I’m sorry. It’s nothing you did, promise. We’re good, I’m simply of a different focus these days and have pulled back a lot on my public visibility and even private availability. You can still hit me up anytime as you wish, please do :)

For anyone who doesn’t know me yet, thanks for dropping by! And, uh…how did you get here? Nice to see you and I hope you like what you see around here. I tend to think a lot, and post here every few days. Comment on any post and I’ll respond. Wishing you all the best!