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A former client just tried to engage me again for some YouTube and marketing expertise. For five years, I used to do this kind of thing often. Now, I’m not so sure if I do anymore. So here’s what I gave them.

This is the framework I’ve used in the past with clients for social media marketing & YouTube engagements:
  1. Identify marketing targets (audience, metrics, etc.) & benchmarks with client, get reporting access to existing properties.
  2. Perform audit of all existing properties, gathering audience info & metrics (there’s a lot of this available in YouTube Analytics, Twitter Analytics, LinkedIn, Facebook, website stats, email newsletters, etc.)
  3. Put together brief list of alignments & opportunities, discuss with client, prioritize
  4. Layout loose marketing plan for next 6-12 months, specific marketing test plan for next 2-4 weeks. Send to client.
  5. Meet with client to discuss 2-4 week plan, how we’ll know what worked & didn’t
  6. Client and I both create deliverables & tests as agreed, usually they need more guidance which I supply
  7. Meet again in 2-4 weeks to evaluate as agreed, if something worked figure out what about it worked and prioritize creating more of same. Usually by this time any existing content enhancements are complete, discuss & templatize those. Set new goals for next sprint.
  8. Create more content & structural enhancements as agreed
  9. Meet again in 2-4 weeks to evaluate. Now address larger strategy with data in hand.
  10. Supply assistance and answer questions as needed.

I always encourage the client to be the one on screen, developing their own voice with their own style. Sometimes this involves a lot of tech talk, sometimes a lot of coaching, sometimes just giving people permission and a pep talk is enough. It’s hard to predict but fun to watch.

My main emphasis is on making content creation of any sort sustainable. It’s work, and the workflow is everything. The simpler it is the better, even if that means sacrificing quality at first. In the beginning, people generally don’t know what quality even looks like from their target market’s perspective. The data reveals the truth, and this usually results in a business pivot or two.

I work with folks until they’re sure where they’re heading. Then answer questions every once in a while as they come up. This is what I’d recommend.

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