Speaking Resume


One of the things I do professionally is speak. Keynotes, sessions, teaching, panel discussions, interviews, etc.

Not counting the speech competitions I began doing way back in the 8th grade, I started doing this kind of work at music conferences long ago.

In recent years, I’ve been busier in the Learning & Development world. So I started presenting at conferences and that led to more opportunities to speak. This just kind of happened via word of mouth and personal relationships. Until today, I didn’t have any resume to back up the fact that I’m legit and quite capable.

Now I’m not planning to go register with the National Speakers Associate or make a profession out of speaking or anything. I’d have to travel too much for that, and I’m not as inclined to do that as I once was. Though for the right opportunity, I’m still certainly insterested.

Here are a few topics other people have asked me to speak about:
  • Using Data to Decide
  • Workflow Design & Productivity
  • What Learning Professionals can learn from Marketing
  • Media Production for eLearning (audio, video, livestreaming, podcasting, etc.)
  • Directing & Producing for Training Video

If any of that sounds interesting to you, please let me know.

Click here to see my Speaking Resume (PDF).

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