Teaching Music Online


I’ve been teaching music for many years now. From singing to beatboxing to live-looping to rhythm to songwriting to improvisation to studio production, I’ve led workshops and held private lessons the world over.

Since 2013, I’ve used the LessonFace platform to serve students around the world, virtually. For instance, helping a young woman in Norway design her solo set and rock mics in Europe while I’m in the US is pretty frickin’ awesome! So is growing mastery in my students back home while I’m New Zealand or Panama or whereever. When I first started doing things like this, it was kind of a big deal and there were many technical issues to resolve. But these days, ain’t no thang. Ain’t the future grand?

If you might be interested in deepening (or starting!) your musical path, or you know someone who is, please let me know. One of the things I decided recently is that I want to do more of this kind of work in 2020. It means a lot to me, and I have a ton of knowledge to playfully share. Leave a comment below or check me out here:

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