The Alchemy Lab


For the last few weeks, I’ve been advising the small team of folks creating their very first online learning conference that they’re calling The Alchemy Lab. It’s great when you give people advice and they actually listen and follow through!

It’s kind of crazy to throw something like this together, but they seem very capable and it’s for a good cause. This is a FREE event where any donations will go straight to local foodbanks. Plus, because it’s totally online and free to attend, it’s perfect for L&D professionals who’ve been recently laid off or furloughed by the Corona shutdowns. I’m using this event as an excuse to reach out to these folks directly.

This weekend, the conference really happening! I’m on the schedule in a few places, but mostly I’ll be behind the scenes helping produce other people’s sessions and keynotes.

If you’d like to catch my presentation Creating eLearning Videos That Don’t Suck or the panel I’m moderating on Podcasting in L&D please go register today! And the full schedule is at I hope to see you there.