The only two sources of COVID info I need anymore


At the beginning of the global Coronavirus outbreak, I ended up under a self-imposed lockdown. At the time I had a lot of reason to suspect that I had the virus, though as it turned out, luckily I didn’t.

During my two-weeks of not leaving a small confined space or seeing anyone, I scoured the internet for information. Due in part to those two articles above, I became a goto for a lot of panicked friends and family too. I talked quite a few people though their own assessments and decisions, and researched the crap out of every little thing.

Then I began to get a bit more selective about my inputs. As COVID cases reach their highest levels yet here in the US, I’d like to direct you the only two source of news I think are worth hearing at this point.

Dr. John Campbell does near-daily breakdowns of the most recent science & interviews with fellow scientists & medical experts in the field around the world. He’s been right more often and much faster than anyone else I’ve found, and I’ve changed some of my behavior (such as supplementing my Vitamin D) as a result.

I’m not a doctor. But he is. If you have trust issues with our leadership and our media, here’s a low-hype high-science alternative on YouTube. Plus he’s funny, in a very British deadpan way.

The other source is only good for the US, but it’s got the best data available in our country, IMHO. The official numbers are a known farce, and if you have to ask why you probably don’t believe this pandemic is real anyway, amiright?

Covid Act Now is a volunteer organization and daily update newsletter that has specific info beautifully and simply presented, down to the county you live in. I subscribed when it was just getting off the ground back in March. It started as a friend of a friend’s daily email and has grown into a distributed and respected group of scientists, data analysts, and writers. It’s current, useful, and won’t hype the bejesus out of anything.

These two sources — one domestic in scope and one international — are really all that are needed to be better informed than the major news networks are. Hope it helps!

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