Earlier this year I blew up all my websites & most of my social media with what I called Project Kaboom. To demonstrate this is what was showing here until today.

I had a few key reasons for doing this:
  1. I had too many websites that had grown too complicated and come to take up too much of my time for little to no return.
  2. Everything around me was breaking, including several websites which kept getting hacked, and I thought I might as well make them unhackable by temporarily taking them all down.
  3. I was sick with 104F fever at the time

I thought it would be funny, and it was for a week or two. But then I got way overwhelmed with work, which seems to have an ironic sense of humor. So for the last few months I haven’t had any presense online it’s been getting more and more embarrassing.

In September, I brought my main business website back online. Last month, it was my Expert Witness subsite. This month, this Sam-Rogers.com blog comes back up! It’s not pretty yet, I know. I’m holding off on that part for the moment in favor of generating stuff worth reading. I hope you agree.

Thanks for being here :) More fun to come! The comments below are a great place to tell me what you’re looking forward to here…

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