Video Friday Returns


In 2016, I saw Brent Schlenker doing L&D livestream stuff online. We’d never met, but I joined in the stream one day and ended up quickly becoming Co-Producer of his daily livestreaming show, as well as a friend. We kept our weekly Video Friday episode going across 4 different shows since then, but I stopped about a year ago.

This Friday at 8am Pacific Time, I meet up with Brent and his viewers from around the world to try another Video Friday again just for fun. We plan to geek out on how to optimize your home network bandwidth for video streams, online meetings, and generally working from home. I’m looking forward to coming back again.

Sign up to be there and/or get access to the recording at If you’d like to see more such episodes in the future, please let me know. It will help me prioritize how often I come back for these kinds of useful shenanigans :)