What If? Podcast


The day after writing yesterday’s post about death, I hear from my friend Alexandra Kalinowski that the podcast interview I gave her last week was ready and live, and that she’d gone with my death as the subject! Fancy that.

I still squirm a little whenever I have listen to own voice — yes, even professional vocalists suffer from this affliction. Fortunately, Alexandra did a great job editing, so my own apprehension is only slightly above its usual background radiation level. This is actually saying a lot, as it is her very first podcast episode ever! Please show her some love in your podcaster of choice.

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From the description:
What if you dreamt the same dream 100 times in a row. Of. Your. Death. Of a violent death. Would you take that to be a premonition? Would you pack your bags and leave your life behind to soak up all you could with the little time you had left? That’s what Sam Rogers did. Would you?

  • How boredom can spark inspired action (1:24)
  • What the human body is capable of achieving (5:05)
  • The difference between being gifted and hard work (5:40)
  • Being a musician that sucks at music (11:07)
  • Rules come later. But something new doesn’t come from a strict script (13:25)
  • Good and bad is the difference between trying and doing (14:40)
  • Where the best place to start is (15:24)
  • What happens when you’re chasing goals (16:10)
  • What a person alone v. people together can do (22:50)
  • Everyone’s just faking it (25:20)
  • What ‘scary’ really means (26:55)
  • We don’t need to wait for things to be done to us (28:02)
  • How can you differentiate between physical fear and fear generated from beliefs (30:30)
  • Reliving the moment of your death in your dreams (32:38)
  • Certain relationships can’t exist until we’re ready to learn from the past (41:52)
  • Living ‘home free’ for 4 years (47:00)
  • “Practiced Courage” (50:47)
  • Life opens in the most impossible ways (52:00)
  • The threshold of Chaos (52:33)