The Windows Do Over


Yesterday convinced me that it is unavoidable, I’ll need to refresh my PC entirely today.


As I mentioned in my recent post When My Tech Started Breaking, my tech has been mostly broken and highly suspect in the last year. As a pretty technically savvy dude, I’m not sure what’s up or why my luck changed so dramatically, it’s still all pretty spooky to me. Yet I cannot deny that the computer performance even on my newest machine has degraded to the point of being essentially unusable for me.

What do I mean by “essentially unusable”? It does still boot, and it works kinda. So it’s not the disaster scenario I’ve dealt with so much in the last year. But when I type a sentence or two of text, then have to wait for the computer to catch up and produce it on screen, that’s it. Do that to me once or twice and you’ll scare me into an extra backup and/or diagnostic. Do it several times in a day with all the fans cranking and you’re toast. Unacceptable. Prepare to be refreshed or replaced.

You don’t get to be my technology if I have to wait for you. I can be patient with people, but that’s not how this whole technology thing is supposed to work. I fully realize that I push my machines a little more than the average bear, though if you can’t keep up and keep pace with me at every moment, then I am not the user for you. I demand responsiveness at all times. I’m willing to adjust my behavior and distribute my requests amongst several machines, I’m just not willing to wait for any given one. Especially one that I’ve maxed out the memory on and paid a pretty penny for.

I don’t know why software seems to get slower over time. The opposite should be true: as we understand more about how to optimize something, it should get more optimized for the functions we care about instead of less. It’s rumored that FOSS products like Librem actually work that way. I don’t have one of those (yet!). I have the same computer Mr. Robot has on the final season, the Razer Blade which is designed to be a gaming computer. I don’t play computer games, but I need something to respond that quickly so…here I am.

Soon I’ll be deauthorizing my iTunes library, backing everything up on a second drive, making notes about all my apps & license keys, and all the other hassle that I have grown to detest about reinstalling any OS from the ground up. At least I’ll be getting Windows 10 installed without the bloatware this time.

Wish me luck! And if you don’t hear from me by this time tomorrow then it hasn’t gone well ;)