OMG we're all gonna die!


Yep. We sure are.

I mean, hopefully not all at the same time or anything. But eventually, death will find each of us. Not even God or Science can protect us from it.

Lots of time and effort and very well-meaning conjecture has gone toward helping us feel better about this eventual fact of life, and what happens after we die. Whatever you believe, good for you. I’m glad you have that belief. Personally, I don’t know what to believe and I don’t care to. After all, I like surprises, so why should I want to ruin life’s greatest surprise? It’s kind of exciting! But I’m not in any rush. I’ll find out when I get there.

I’m much more interested in making the very best use of this weird and wonderful life that we have while we have it. It is limited. Finite. Fragile. Uncertain. Not something to make too many assumptions about.

Knowing that this life may end at any time does not make me sad or scared. I remember a time long ago when it did, but I’m feeling much better now, thank you.

What changed? Thinking it through all the way, this whole “life” thing. What is actually important here?

Fixating on death, or the act of dying, that’s just one little part and to me it seems quite a stretch to make that the most important part of life. That time may suck, but that time is not right now. So why voluntarily extend that potential suckiness into today? Why not celebrate life, and fixate upon that? To me it sounds way more fun, and more constructive.

Given that we’re all going to die, and independent of how much that may suck or not, who then do we choose to be? How then do we choose to live? What can we do between now and that uncertain date that makes a difference to us and the world around us?

The kind of difference we want to make is found here, among the living. Let’s get to it!

Thanks for reading. After all this, you look like you could use a little six-eight instrumental. Here you go