Annual disaster mitigation recommendations


If you’re not sure where to start with your disaster preparedness plan, I have some suggestions. Twelve of them, in fact! That’s one per month if you’re counting ;)

The reason I recommend focusing on one per month is so folks don’t get overwhelmed. Please know that no one solves for everything all at once! It’s layers of the onion here, people.

The more you can get done in any given month, the better. But don’t sweat it, really. Do what you can, then let the rest go. Live your life and be happy! This is probably THE single most important, healthy, and stick-it-to-the-man revolutionary thing you could possibly do. Really.
  1. Backup devices & data (January)
  2. Network security, secure searches (February)
  3. Food production / gardening (March)
  4. Diet, exercise, medications (April)
  5. Health & Identity documentation (May)
  6. Power generation (June)
  7. Scanners & Radios (July)
  8. Defense & alarms (August)
  9. Food storage (September)
  10. Financial instruments (October)
  11. Gratitude amplification & doing more with less (November)
  12. EDC / Car kits (December)

I have posts about most of the above here on this blog. And if there’s interest, I’d be happy to fill out the rest. Until then internet searches work wonders. Especially if you do them with DuckDuckGo on a Tor browser running through a VPN (which if you plan to go very far down the preparedness rabbithole would be recommended). But just starting is good. Start and work the rest out as you go!

If you have other suggestions for what would be a better cyclical beginner’s plan, please post them in the comments below.