BraxRouter VPN + TOR Router


Wow. This is answers so many questions I’ve had in the past about best to secure home network configuration!

I’ve been running DD-WRT for several years now but…not exactly very well. I’ve also experimented with running my own DNS, PiHole, and VPN, though I always seem to end up in the same situation where something stops working or locks up and I can’t figure out why. This has led to me frantically tearing everything apart to deliver on deadline, then spending entire weekends putting it all back together. This has happened multiple times, like more than I care to count. It’s embarrassing and demoralizing, and overall inconsistent in terms of security.

I started following Rob Braxman (aka “Internet Privacy Guy”) a year or so on YouTube, and then switched to enjoying his content on LBRY instead — which seems much more appropriate. I loves me some LBRY :) Recently, I joined up to support Rob on Patreon too. He’s just good, and his ham radio rants finally sent me over the top.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this solution of his as much as I do!

Guess what my Raspberry Pi will be up to this weekend?

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