Canceling my learning memberships


This year I had paid memberships with Masterclass, LinkedIn Learning, Audible, Seth Godin, Ramit Sethi, and took a college course in Data Visualization & Analytics. I also signed up for dozens of educational experiences and access to other libraries of training.

Of all these, I got the most out of the college course — by far!

Why? I think because it was hard, and because when I connected with the students, instructor, and teaching assistants, I wanted to work hard. Class was at set times, assignments were due every few days, so I had a clear schedule that I did not set and I could not change. And I was motivated to upskill by current role.

For the coming new year, I’m canceling all paid learning subscriptions (except Audible, which is the least expensive and I do enjoy often whether I retain much or not).

There are tons of great free trainings out there! So until I’ve proven that I can complete at least one of the free Harvard courses from this list, I won’t personally be paying for any more independently scheduled trainings without built-in social collaboration.

Because obviously it matters to me more than I like to believe…

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