Daily Routine v987.6


Whenever I get too stressed, I start charting out my daily routine. Y’know, that thing that I’m not doing at all and it’s stressing me out? That.

I’ve been working way too much (12+hrs at a computer in one sitting). Making notes about my imaginary schedule doesn’t help anything happen in the real world, of course. But it does allow me to an opportunity to express and refine and essentially reconfirm my intentions about how I spend my time.

Here they my refined intentions for at least all the weekdays in March:
  • 5-6am up & at’em
    morning routine (hygiene, water, coffee/tea, food prep, writing, 20min exercise & walk to work), no internet
  • 6am-3pm work
    online & working in as kind a way to my body as I can, food after 10am only
  • 3-5pm anti-work
    stop & disconnect, greenhouse/gardening, go for a walk around the lake (weather permitting), errands, phone calls & followups, podcast/music listening, avoid all screens
  • 5-6pm family meal
    make/enjoy/cleanup dinner and remove any other food/drink temptations, possible entertainment, airplane mode
  • 6-8pm project
    focused project time (work, relationship, household, learning, etc.) according to calendar & to-do list, flex with energy available
  • 8-9pm rampdown
    evening routine (hygiene, reading/writing, making music, cleanup), airplane mode & avoid all screens

The point here is to avoid getting in the trap of working from 5:30am to 7pm, which I’ve done a few times lately. Or opening the computer again at 8pm and working until midnight, which has also happened at least once a week so far this year. The truth is that I will burn out if I keep doing that, as I know all too well from previous experience. The above schedule will keep me sane and healthy, and has enough flexibility & maintenance built in that my life doesn’t feel too rigid or risk falling apart.

For the next month, all my weekends are already all spoken for with irregular exceptions or day-long projects for a while. I try not to let any of the above projects spill over. We’ll see how that goes.

What do you think of this? How do you manage your time now that we’re a year in on this Covid-era? Comment below as you please.

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