Drop100 2020, p1


This time last year I wrote about the new iteration of my Drop100 Project and vowed to make it an annual thing. Here’s this year’s version, which I’m only doing for the last two weeks of the year. This time, rather than dropping/doing 100 projects per week, I’m focusing on 100 overall (50 per week).

I’ve already deleted dozens of single tasks, many GB of files, and the outdated projects that I dropped some time ago but hadn’t yet removed from my task/project system. Those are just extra bonus collateral for this meta-project that I don’t even count :)

The following projects will be done or deleted within the next 7 days:
  1. complete all Christmas gift wrapping & sending (including online gifts)
  2. finish Data Analytics & Visualization course requirements
  3. obtain & install new Tableau (student license)
  4. finish IWT course
  5. complete writing course
  6. complete Indistractible audiobook & workbook
  7. clean & prep Suburban for sale
  8. auto insurance switch & vehicle registration changes
  9. decide on purchase of next computer
  10. decide on linux studio computer rebuild & configuration
  11. migrate & retire Nextcloud account
  12. move all calendars to Synology Calendar
  13. move all contacts to Synology Contacts
  14. move all photos to Synology Moments
  15. move all music to Plex
  16. move all videos to Plex
  17. deduplicate all music
  18. test/configure home VPN
  19. all URLs renewed or released
  20. redirect remaining URLs for sale
  21. initiate closing of any extra Optimistic Holdings accounts, rolling back to primary
  22. end of year reporting & final Clear Mind payment to Crosspulse
  23. end of year tax info & updates/communications
  24. create routing map of all financial & insurance accounts
  25. cancel all Snap Synapse credit cards
  26. download & archive all video tutorials & livestreaming appearances for 2020
  27. re-record all voicemails
  28. reset all autoresponders
  29. archive email accounts from EUG & VLC
  30. archive all pre-2018 emails to text
  31. reset & migrate all email accounts for 2021
  32. unsubscribe from all email newsletters (again)
  33. unsubscribe from all non-essential annual services/softwares
  34. follow up on all outstanding post-gig tasks from last 12-months
  35. confirm validity/expiry status of all coupons & credits
  36. update 401k loan paperwork post-COVID legislation
  37. retire & archive all LinkedIn groups/pages
  38. retire & archive alternate/old Twitter accounts (6)
  39. retire & archive all Facebook groups/pages
  40. retire & archive instagram account
  41. Verizon discount applied & account restructured
  42. cellphone hardening & redirection
  43. CPR cert renewal
  44. chatbot build
  45. 2021 learning plan finalized
  46. 2021 timeboxing/visioning
  47. ConvaTec admin transition management
  48. ConvaTec end of year reporting scorecard
  49. reconfigure office & network setup
  50. Denise office setup completed

What kinds of things does this inspire YOU to release to clear space for the year to come?

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