Drop100 2020, p3


Looks like this year instead of doing my full Drop100, I only go to Drop50. And I didn’t get as far down with those as I’d hoped. But I did still get a lot more done than I would have otherwise!

The numbering has changed from my part 1 and part 2 posts, but to keep myself honest, here’s what I’ve got to show for my 2020 efforts.

  1. complete all Christmas gift wrapping & sending (including online gifts)DONE
  2. finish Data Analytics & Visualization course requirementsDONE
  3. finish IWT courseDONE
  4. decide on purchase of next computerDONE, ordered (and received) my new M1 MacBook Air
  5. decide on linux studio computer rebuild & configurationDONE, I’m setting it in my closet and forgetting about it until further notice
  6. migrate & retire Nextcloud accountDONE
  7. move all calendars to Synology CalendarDONE
  8. move all contacts to Synology ContactsDONE
  9. move all photos to Synology MomentsDONE
  10. move all music to PlexDONE, I think. I could still find more in other subfolders, but I think I got all the commercial music now
  11. move all movies & shows to PlexDONE, again in terms of commercial movies and shows, not the ones I made
  12. all URLs renewed or releasedDONE
  13. redirect remaining URLs for saleDONE
  14. re-record all voicemailsDONE
  15. archive email accounts from EUG & VLCDONE, I have archived zips of these though that’s not really what I’m meant when I wrote this it turns out that what I meant is really complicated, so I’m calling this enough
  16. 2021 learning plan finalizedDONE
  17. 2021 timeboxing/visioningDONE
  18. ConvaTec admin transition managementDONE
  19. retire & archive all LinkedIn groups/pagesDONE, although it turns out I can’t retire/archive groups so I set mine to “hidden” instead
  20. reset & migrate all email accounts for 2021DONE, for now at least. Likely a new effort and a new post on this coming soon.
  21. complete new MacBook transition (install files, licenses, authorizations, etc) DONE, and though this wasn’t in my original list it did take a substantial amount of time that led to the below being in dropped & rollover status
  1. obtain & install new Tableau (student license)DROPPED, can’t install on my new M1 Mac because it’s not supported yet
  2. complete writing courseDROPPED
  3. complete Indistractible audiobook & set daily activities from workbookDROPPED, I’m only taking select daily activities from the workbook
  4. clean & prep Suburban for saleDROPPED, this will have to wait until Spring, it’s just too dang cold and icy here
  5. auto insurance switch & vehicle registration changesDROPPED, dependent on above
  6. deduplicate all musicDROPPED, I have better things to do with my time and with all the music I have…this is a thing
  7. end of year tax info & updates/communicationsDROPPED, I reached out but never heard back
  8. archive all pre-2018 emails to textDROPPED, I don’t know why it’s so complicated to turn emails into plaintext for archival purposes but whatever
  9. cellphone hardening & redirectionDROPPED, as it looks like I may be switching carriers and maybe phones too
  10. chatbot build DROPPED, things have gotten pretty crazy at work with our main LMS Admin quitting, so I just won’t get to this probably at all
  11. follow up on all outstanding post-gig tasks from last 12-months DROPPED, for emotionally complex reasons I just don’t have it in me to complete this one
  12. Denise office setup completedDROPPED, she doesn’t really want this anymore
  13. retire & archive all Facebook groups/pagesDROPPED, I did change all my security settings and tried to manage more groups & pages but they don’t make it easy and…I’ve done as much of this as I’m going to do for now
  14. cancel all Snap Synapse credit cardsDROPPED, decided to cancel one but keep the other two for now for reward point & credit score purposes
  15. retire & archive instagram accountDROPPED, yeah changed my mind on this one
  16. confirm validity/expiry status of all coupons & creditsDROPPED, because 2020 has been a helluva year for everyone, and aside from the three credits I remember that are over $100, I’m not going to sweat the small stuff like this
  1. initiate closing of any extra Optimistic Holdings accounts, rolling back to primary – part of one of my Top 5 projects for 2021Q1
  2. create routing map of all financial & insurance accounts – part of one of my Top 5 projects for 2021Q1
  3. update 401k loan paperwork post-COVID legislation – part of one of my Top 5 projects for 2021Q1
  4. reconfigure office & network setup – part of one of my Top 5 projects for 2021Q1
  5. test/configure home VPN – part of one of my Top 5 projects for 2021Q1
  6. download & archive all video tutorials & livestreaming appearances for 2020 – I got most but not all as this requires additional authorization from other people that I’ll follow up with soon
  7. end of year reporting & final Clear Mind payment to Crosspulse – this got way more complicated when I cancelled my Vimeo account, and I’m going to have to just make my best guess by Monday
  8. reset all autoresponders – because I don’t really know what these should say yet, another post coming soon
  9. Verizon discount applied & account restructured – This one is in process, but is complicated
  10. unsubscribe from all email newsletters (again) – I got a few dozen, and the rest will slide into January
  11. unsubscribe from all non-essential annual services/softwares – this was not well-defined, another post on this coming soon
  12. CPR cert renewal – this should really only take one afternoon, and I hope to complete it next Saturday
  13. ConvaTec end of year reporting scorecard – I couldn’t get it done by end-of-year for reasons outside my control, and it is my primary deliverable for week 1 of the new year
  14. retire & archive alternate/old Twitter accounts (6) – Turns out you can’t both download your activity and delete your account at the same time, so this is taking a bit longer than planned

Because I didn’t get as far this time as usual, I’m budgeting in time to do another Drop50 at the end of the next quarter. Maybe this will be better as a smaller recurring project every couple of months than the one big one at the end of the year? …How can we find out?

Any suggestions or observations you care to share, please use the comments below.

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