Evaluating a Cessna 150


As I mentioned earlier this month, I’m currently looking at purchasing a 1967 Cessna 150G airplane.

Yep, still am.
  • Haven’t closed the deal yet, but I did make an offer for a price I think I can afford. The seller says he’ll do it, and is turning away other buyers now.
  • Got the FAA records for the last 55 years and poured through them. Good info, no big surprises.
  • Made sense out of all the log books since 1996 (it is missing the ones prior, which is a big red flag but what makes it possible for me to buy), and reconciled with the FAA records.
  • Had a licensed A&P mechanic look it over with me in a buyer’s inspection. It’s got some quirks, sure, but nothing that makes anyone question its safety.
  • Last weekend took a test flight and handled it in the sky. That was fun!
  • Talked to other pilots I know who’ve owned this plane (including the owner before the current seller), and asked them about their own personal experience. Nobody had a bad thing to say, other than I might outgrow it someday.
  • Tried to make a down payment and get a signed contract, some other snags arose. But no dealbreakers.

Overall, I’m excited, but I’m not in any hurry at all. I have put together the cash, done my due diligence, and now I can be patient. If it’s not this particular plane, it could be another one. Though this one’s real purdy, I’m not attached. With all that’s going on in the financial markets these days, I’m sure several more of these will be coming up soon as people look to liquidate non-essential assets.

If I go through with it, it will be the most I’ve ever paid for anything in my entire life. Which is scary, and kinda fun!

Speaking of fun, here’s a fun little video about this model of plane and the costs I’m looking at: