Fame, Riches, & Glory


I realized recently that I probably won’t ever get to be famous, financially rich, or historically important. Though this is no great disappointment, it is an indication that I could probably live my life a bit differently. Whether through my music career, my community building, my transformational work, or my intellectual contributions, there were certainly times in the past where I thought I was on these paths.

Now, not so much. I’m just a dude who’s alive now, doing what people do and enjoying it as best I can.

As I’ve written about here in the past, fame was never something that I wanted. Likewise, unless I was working off debt, money wasn’t my focus at all. But Important was something I thought I’d have a decent shot at, and was still in the realm of likelihood. At this point, I’m not saying I’m unimportant, but I’m unlikely to have any historical significance to others.

Of course I matter to my family and to my friends. I’m not trying to be down on myself here, just realistic. My life isn’t really very important, which is a bit of a relief actually. Going forward, I don’t have to care about so much. It kinda takes the pressure off :)

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