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It’s been a while since I had this feeling, I don’t quite trust it yet.

As I wrote about in my When My Tech Started Breaking post, there is a clear dividing line between when I could trust my technology, and when I couldn’t anymore. I still don’t know what switch flipped where, or how to toggle it back to the nicer default mode that I enjoyed for the first 40 years or so of my life. I just know that something changed somewhere and everything got more difficult after that.

For the last few years, I’ve not been able to put into practice what I preach. It’s not that I didn’t try, I never stopped trying, it just didn’t work no matter what I tried.

Now — dare I say it? — Now it looks like I might just be… all backed up!

That means my data exists in 2-3 places at any given moment, and it’s easy to keep those places in sync. Not 1 place, not 0 places, not 5 places. 2-3 is all I need.

1. Family of devices (M1 Mac + 3 other Mac laptops + 3 phones)
2. My primary NAS (Synology DS920+ 14TB)
3. My secondary NAS (Synology DS218 9TB)

My calendars sync with Synology Calendar
My contacts sync with Synology Contacts
My photos & videos sync with Synology Photos (the new DSM 7 photo app)
My shared files sync with Synology Drive
My devices all backup via Time Machine or an equivalent to a specified directory on the main NAS.
I’ve even got my own VPN working now, which I can access while out of the country as I tested recently.

All this runs from my primary NAS, and backs up weekly to an off-site secondary NAS via Hyperbackup.

Now if only I could get my damn cellphone number to work :) Hopefully soon! And I might just roll my own email server after that.

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