Fly-in & Young Eagles event at 41U

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Yesterday I helped introduce over 20 local kids to the joys of aviation as part of the EAA’s Young Eagles program, which was a feelgood event for everyone involved. I wasn’t flying, just part of the ground crew helping this event happen safely. But I still got a healthy helping of smiles from children and parents alike!

Then I remembered I had never posted the video I made last month, so here’s the video I made for our local airport’s annual Fly-in event on September 10, 2022. The soundtrack is “Crescent Steps” from my Dad’s album Slideways and all the video footage and editing are by yours truly via my business, Snap Synapse. Enjoy!

This was my first fly-in, and another fun day of volunteering, amplified by the effort of making this video. Though I used to teach video production, due mostly to the constraints of my job, it’s been a year or so since I produced a project like this myself. It was great to refresh with this little project, which was captured entirely on my (handheld) iPhone — just like I always told people not to do! Turns out it is much easier to get away with these days with some basic techniques. Also, other than the fade in/out and basic title/close, there are ZERO added effects. That’s rare for me, and it was a very worthwhile constraint to work within. I learned a lot.

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