Game-changing Solar combination uses


This is one of the most delightfully innovative and complimentary things I’ve learned more about lately is Agrivoltaics, the fanciword solar panels over agriculture. It’s one of those surprise combinations that stands to change our world for the better, and helps me think our civilization might just make it into the 2100s after all.

And this reminded me of another great video from the same YouTube channel Just Have a Think earlier this year about the photovoltaic panels covering parts of India’s canal system.

Like Rob Braxman and his weekly videos about internet privacy (which I prefer to enjoy on LBRY but are also available on YouTube) or Deviant Ollam’s sporadic videos about security, whisky, or whatever else he feels like talking about, I’m a fervent supporter of YouTuber Dave Borlace and his Just Have a Think work. His beautiful breakdowns of planetary and systemic process are clearly presented in casual language for the “reasonably smart but maybe not on that particular topic” crowd.

I do hope you’ll take the the time to watch and support him as well.

Who else like this inspires you? And what do you think about the mutually-beneficial design of solar panels plus plants? Comments are for commenting :)

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