Graduated from my Data Visualization course!


Back in August, I was notified that I had been accepted into a training program offered by my local Snow College and paid for by the government. I didn’t remember even applying for this program, but…free? Okay! I’d just started my new analytics-heavy role at ConvaTec the month before and I wanted to strengthen my existing skills, so I jumped at the chance.

For 6-12hrs per week every week between September and December, I was hard at work learning about Data Analytics & Visualization. Specifically, learning how to do a bunch of the fancy stuff in Microsoft Excel and all the basic stuff (and some of the fancy stuff) in Tableau.

The statistics stuff was hard. I’m not a math guy, never have been. The basic concepts just weren’t there in many cases, and I had never seen anything like most of the data visualizations we were using. I didn’t even know how to read something like a box plot, let alone build one. Now I do :)

I’ll be speaking tomorrow about Practical Application of Learning Analytics & Data on the Instructional Designers in Offices Drinking Coffee livestream/podcast, and sharing some of what I’ve learned.

It feels really good to work through the struggle of being really bad at something your whole life and come out the other side victorious! I’m proud of the key performance statistic I ended up taking away from this course: 100%

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