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Next Wednesday at 8am Mountain Time, I’m excited to be returning to this weekly livestreamed podcast for Learning Professionals: Instructional Designers in Offices Drinking Coffee (otherwise known as IDIODC). It’s hosted by Brent Schlenker & Chris Van Wingerden who keep the vibe playful and the topics on track…more or less.

Though I’m not stranger to Brent & Chris’s show from DominKnow, it’s been a while. My last appearance was their last show of 2019, so it’s perfectly fitting that I’ve been invited back for their first show of 2021! Let’s just pretend 2020 never happened, shall we?

I’ll be talking about Learning Analytics & Data in a very practical sense, and sharing some of what I’ve been up to over at ConvaTec as well as what’s going on in the wider world of learning data. Sound fun? — Okay, don’t answer that, just come by and we’ll make it fun for you ;)

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Here’s the writeup:
The concept of Learning Analytics has been a hot topic for several years in the L&D industry. There are those that talk about it, and then there are those doing the work and making it happen within their organizations. Sam Rogers is one of the doers.

He’s joining us in this episode to discuss the realities of working with data and analytics within a large enterprise. As you might imagine, the task is not easy. But each of us needs to start somewhere. The big question is often where. Trying to figure out the proper data to collect and how you will collect can be daunting. But you must start somewhere.

We’ll find out how Sam got the analytics ball rolling and the some of the hurdles he had to jump to keep it going. You don’t want to miss this timely and relevant conversation as we launch into the new year.

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