"Helping Deciders Decide" for ISPI Hampton Roads


Tomorrow night (Thursday, June 17th) I’ll be making an appearance online for the monthly meeting of the Hampton Roads chapter of the International Society for Performance Improvement. It’s my first time presenting in front of an ISPI audience, and my first time doing a webinar like this in…gee, I guess it’s been a year now?

The topic is “Helping Deciders Decide” — which is basically how to do what we do well, even when stakeholders may have entirely different motivations or don’t really get what we’re up to. It’s free to join if you are interested in such things, just register here

Here’s the description:

We have all this data and a ton of opinions, but…what do our Clients and Stakeholders actually care about? How can we supply them with enough of what they need to move forward, without overwhelming them with information or asking for a little more trust than they care to grant us? Is it right to assume our interests & motivations overlap with the other people determining the success or failure of our performance improvement? In this session, Sam Rogers will share his approach to assessing desired outcomes and baking in surprise stakeholder delights as a way of getting just enough of what’s needed to decide on anything. Together in this interactive webinar, we’ll surface strategies for practical approaches to helping determine what motivates The Most Important People in our project to make their best choice between testing, launching, continuing, or canceling any given program or performance intervention.

Sam Rogers is a frequent speaker and facilitator at Learning & Development events, and has delivered hundreds of interactive webinars and engaging livestreams for fellow L&D Professionals. Through his company Snap Synapse, he served as a Video eLearning Expert, Performance Consultant, Sr. Instructional Designer, LMS Integrations Specialist, and Learning Strategist for clients such as such as Google, Deloitte, Robert Half International, ADP, and AAA. Now he is the Global Learning Technologies & Analytics Manager for ConvaTec, and happy to be presenting to an ISPI audience for the first time.

Does this guy know how to party or what? …Okay, don’t answer that ;)

There’s more info on their website if you want to join hrispi.org

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