IRS wants to hack crypto wallets


On this Memorial Day here in the US, I thought it’d be nice to post something that reminds us what our brave men & women fought and died for. Or something.

On the website (great name, isn’t it?), there’s this new contract opportunity for those who might be interested.

I’m certainly interested! Not as someone who can do the work, but as someone who is concerned about the work to be done. This includes:
  • Validate cybersecurity research in cryptographic wallets exploitation
  • Identify new methods to gain access to cryptographic wallets
  • Identify successful cryptographic models exploits can be accomplished
  • Document the processes, hardware, and skillsets needed for reproduction in an
    advance digital forensic laboratory
  • Create hands-on training for the identified techniques in support of IRS-CI Digital
    Forensics Laboratory.

So…yeah. The Internal Revenue Service is exploring how to hack into crypto wallets, a power that would extend beyond our borders and our citizens. Wonder why they’d ever want to do that?

Does this make you as proud as it makes me? Or as nauseous?

Tell us all about it in the comments below.

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