Welcome to Sam-Rogers.com!

You hit me at not such a great time though.

This website started out as something simple enough. But then as life & business got more complicated, so did this website.

Now, after years of thinking "I'll clean that up someday" and often having very well-intentioned efforts to do just that, I'm trying something new.


All gone. I deleted everything :)

I mean, I backed it up locally first, but down to the database level, all that was once here is now eradicated. This is the only message to be found. And that's not all!

Why do such a crazy thing?

To force myself to prioritize what I build, and to ensure that I am building toward something truly worthwhile. And that's what I'm up to...right at this very moment!

Please email me to say what you came here looking for, or what would be even more worthwhile for you, and I'd be happy to respond personally. I would love to give you whatever you wanted to get from this visit (and maybe a little something extra for your trouble).

Thank you for caring enough to tell me what matters to you, and for ALL that you do to make the world a better place!

And don't worry about me, I'm fine! I will be even better soon. Thanks again!

- Sam Rogers

These 67 lines of code were lovingly hand-crafted in a plaintext editor by Sam (for old time's sake). The image is public domain.