My answer to getting vax-resistors vaccinated


There’s a lot of discussion these days about what to do about all the folks who can get vaccinated for COVID19 now, but who don’t want to get vaccinated. This runs along some predictable ideological lines, largely following the existing divisions here in the USA.

Shame, blame, guilt, and facts don’t work. If they did, they would have already. Pouring more facts or feelings over top of someone who has already developed an immunity to them is an exercise in frustration for both parties. There are mountains of behavioral science studies to back this up, and as far as I know, no credible dissenting voices in science are left in 2021.

Really wanna make a difference? Here’s how to do it.

We say “No one who supported Trump will continue to be allowed access to any of these vaccines as of one month from now”.

Shifts the conversation completely. We don’t have to mean it, we just have to say it to get the desired result. Because when we say this we allow people who already feel oppressed to be rebellious while making us all safer. The anti-vaxers already want rebellion, many think that ship has sailed already, and they are seeking to take personal a stand.

So let’em. So help’em! Everyone wins when we stop trying to make people wrong for what they believe, and focus on behavior instead.

Remember that no virus ever cares what we believe. They are only impacted by what we DO. Once we realize this, we can effectively end the pandemic in our country within a few weeks. Any other choice is actively choosing to extend it.

Got some comments on this one? Yeah, I bet you do. Click and comment away. Unlike many in the world today, I don’t attempt to delete those who disagree with me. Bring it!

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