Not out to disrupt anything


I’m often accused of trying to disrupt things. In my L&D work, this is usually by someone who I think is trying to flatter me or something. I don’t take it as compliment though, and I never really know how to respond.

I don’t seek to disrupt anything. I just want things to work is all.

When the things we make objectively fail to create the desired change more often than not, and there is no communal or industry standard by which to gauge the quality of what we produce, I am not the disruption here. Learning & Development is disrupting itself. And far too slowly for my taste.

There are ways of doing learning at scale now that weren’t widely available previously. Ways I guess they still don’t teach yet? I don’t know, I didn’t learn that way. I learned in what I think is a better way than that.

I’m not an academic, and I don’t have academic credentials. While I do play very nicely with academics, I am also a Doer to the core. People tend to think I’m smart and creative, which feels good to hear, but…I just try stuff, really that’s it. No special tricks. Just some odd talents and a lot of experiences over a broad array of disciplines, and a never-ending stream of little failures that occasionally lead to massive success. Not as often or as massive as I’d like, mind you. But I’m doing alright.

I keep asking the awkward questions that people really wish I would quit asking because I believe in our ability to improve, and our duty to do so. To carry on repeating the same fallacies of thought and reinforcing our all-too-predictable biases when we could make better choices has always seemed…well, sad to me. I am ignited by the opportunity to do better, to BE better, than that!

And, personally, I’m unwilling to do less.

If I can reasonably be accursed of seeking disruption, it is only of myself. Yes, that I am actually trying for, it’s true.

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