Now - November 2019


This is my Now page for November 4th 2019
  • Pivoting my primary business from making & managing learning content and delivery systems to measurement/analytics and performance optimization workflow design
  • Expert Witness work for video production & platforms (such as YouTube/ContentID) and training design & delivery
  • Fine tuning my marketing strategies on the LinkedIn platform by designing & deploying campaigns to help my friends at Energy Utility Group reach their microtargeted audiences. Also creating a store on Gumroad to sell content for some other musician friends because the Vimeo store I set up for them isn’t working out anymore. Oh and building another website, store, and audible catalog for the Snap Synapse subsidiary Clear Mind Publishing as well.
  • Re-launching the Doable Change community, and currently writing our manifesto
  • Performing with Project Vox, a killer new improvisational music group in the SF Bay Area (gigs coming up on December 6 & 8!!!)
  • Implementing Profit First methodology everywhere I can, and learning a ton about investing, accounting, money, etc. on behalf of Optimistic Holdings PSP
  • Escaping everyone else’s clouds (Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, etc.) and building my own more stable and reliable infrastructure that doesn’t treat me like a product

I’d love to hear from YOU about your thoughts on any of the above. I’d also love to know what you’re up to. Guess what the comments box is for?