Off to Groundschool

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As of this week, I’m in training to obtain my Private Pilot’s License (or PPL for the aviation-hip).

First stop on that journey is Ground School, learning the rules of the air. I’m happy to have a good one near where I live!

Next stop, my Sport Pilot License (or SPL). If all goes well, and weather permitting, I’d like to start this on my birthday in March and have it by June.

After that, I’ll be legal to fly 2 seater ultralights, but nothing with more people or over 2000 lbs. That’s when I I intend to spend another 20hrs in training to get my PPL by this time in 2022.

I had no idea that I would be doing any of this. It’s not something I ever envisioned for myself, and in fact have spent a large portion of my life fearing flying. Yet here I am, much to my surprise, totally loving this experience now. Who knew?



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