Ok in the Chaos

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Next month I return to my birthplace for the first time since all the pandemic fun kicked off in March of 2020.

And when I say “fun” I mean the thing that’s robbed us all of many freedoms and killed several people I knew and loved.

For my sister’s wedding, which is what brings me back to the San Francisco Bay Area, she’s only allowing fully vaccinated guests to attend. Which I agree makes sense in November of 2021, but in our highly politicized country this means that important family and friends will not be in attendance. As part of my brotherly wedding duties, I’m helping set up the livestream to feed the ceremony to whoever wants to see it from where ever they may be for whatever reason.

But do we really all need to keep talking about the reason? Why rub it in?

When we talk about reality in political terms, people feel like they need to pick sides like they pick candidates. We absolutely do not need to do that. How do I know? Because there are places in the world where people don’t. Like most of it. Even here not so long ago, it was frowned upon to talk about religion and politics in polite company.

I get that people believe things really a lot, and they want others to believe the same things. It just doesn’t work that way though, and never has. If it did, we’d have had a lot fewer wars over our human history.

At root of the problem today as I see it is that people just want to be safe. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as “no risk” in human endeavors, and there never has been. Be it physical infection, financial markets, social interactions, or anything else, safety has always been (and always will be) an illusion. When we play, we sometimes get hurt. The bigger we live, the bigger the likelihood we will die sooner. The only certainty is that, eventually, we will actually die.

People who can deal with such facts make decent adults.
People who need to cling to illusion to be okay make better children.

Let us learn to be decent adults. Kinder to each other than our children, and capable of being there for each other until whatever end does come.

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