Order of operations for my new MacBook Air


I just received my new M1 MacBook Air last night. Yippee! But I’m trying not to open it yet because then there goes my day ;)

In order to contain my excitement, I made a list. What will I do once I open my new fancimachine?

Many ideas below are taken from this article and from this one. I’m sure there are many others out there as well, please feel free to put them in the comments if you care to share your favorites.

A new Mac! Let’s:
  1. Open box
  2. Cmd+Opt+P+R
  3. set strong password
  4. set hostname
  5. configure wifi
  6. set admin account
  7. set standard account
  8. turn on filevault
  9. turn on firewall
  10. disable remote access
  11. set firmware password
  12. disable spotlight suggestions
  13. disable notifications
  14. configure trackpad
  15. disable news, stocks, home, siri, reminders
  16. disable Apple Advertising, Analytics & Improvements
  17. install firefox (and sign in)
  18. disable bing, amazon, google, ebay
  19. configure VPN
  20. install ClamAV
  21. install Tor
  22. install Homebrew
  23. install & enable Lulu
  24. turn off wifi
  25. turn off computer
  26. plug in dock (with ethernet)


  1. install & login Synology Drive
  2. install & configure BusyCal
  3. install & login Brave
  4. configure DuckDuckGo as browser search
  5. install & login Lbry
  6. install Adapter
  7. install Cryptomater
  8. install & login Dashlane
  9. install & login Exodus
  10. install & login Pocketcasts
  11. install & validate SuperDuper
  12. install & login Zoom
  13. install Atom
  14. install & validate SnagIt
  15. install & validate Camtasia
  16. install CyberDuck
  17. install Balena Etcher
  18. install Yamaha AG06 interface
  19. install printer interface
  20. install Logitech camera interface
  21. install & validate Tableau
  22. download purchased Mac applications
    • Alfred
    • FinalCut
    • Compressor
    • GarageBand
    • iMovie
    • Keynote
    • Numbers
    • AnkiApp
    • Bear
    • SiteSucker
    • Speedtest
    • Webcam Settings
    • Todoist
    • Message+
    • run MacOS updater


  1. configure Mac Settings
  2. configure printer connection
  3. configure AirPods
  4. configure iTunes (with Plex)
  5. configure Mail
  6. configure BusyCal
  7. configure Contacts
  8. configure Todoist
  9. open & configure or delete all applications
  10. create bootable rescue disk
RESTART from rescue disk USB
  1. validate, then cancel


  1. run SuperDuper backup
  2. run Time Machine incremental backup
  3. install iOS applications
    • Stride
    • others?
Noticeably absent from this list (this is not an accident):
  • Microsoft
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Amazon
  • Apple iCloud
  • Slack

I may put Microsoft OneDrive on for work handoffs, and Google for Maps/Google Earth, possibly iCloud, and maybe Amazon Kindle if I end up publishing and testing a few eBooks again. But these aren’t sure things, and I want my core restorable backup to exist without these extra services mucking things up as I know from experience that they do.

What do you think should be here and isn’t? Anything you think shouldn’t be listed above? Or that should be in a different sequence? Please tell me in the comments, and have yourself a merry little xmas.

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