Personal Timeline


Some chronological highlights of my history for context:
  • 1976 = born in Napa California, almost died in the process
  • 1977-80 = first childhood memories, parents separated, Montessori preschool
  • 1981-87 = attended a small rural grammar school, became a boy scout, worked at my Mom’s new age gift shop, stepparents and brother & sister introduced, moved twice, devoured every old scratchy 45 I could get my hands on
  • 1988-89 = attended a large middle school where I was the smallest kid, nearly died of pneumonia and again when the kids at school tried to drown me, played D&D, collected yo-yos, generally tried to be invisible
  • 1990 = moved to live with my Dad in Novato California, studied drama in high school, joined Star Trek Fan Club
  • 1991 = president of high school’s Environmental Awareness Club, worked in Stepmom’s office doing shipping/receiving & data entry
  • 1992 = started singing in choir, roadying for my Dad, fell in love with comic books
  • 1993 = joined jazz choir & musical theater, recorded first album with choir, teen board member of Teen inspiration Foundation
  • 1994 = won Best Solo Jazz Vocal at RAVES award showcase, worked as busboy at local Japanese restaurant, served as Peer Counselor, volunteered for local political campaign
  • 1995 = founded Til Dawn a cappella group for the Teen Inspiration Foundation, started performing solo at open mics, English major at Sonoma State University, worked as Ferengi at Paramount’s Great America theme park, presented at Peer Counselors Conference
  • 1996 = recorded album Get Motivated, Baby with Til Dawn, moved to Iowa to study music at Phil Mattson’s School for the Music Vocations, worked part time for the school
  • 1997 = released For the Radio Audience with collegiate a cappella group Audio Radiance, returned to Sonoma State, worked as waiter at Indian restaurant, became licensed massage therapist
  • 1998 = served as “The Voice of Project Censored” on NPR, studied audio engineering & video production, backup vocalist on several albums, car totaled in accident, worked as foodrunner & backwaiter at Domain Chandon
  • 1999 = graduated with B.A. in Communications Studies from Sonoma State, joined Improvox, fell in love with woman twice my age, backpacked in Europe, coined name “The One Mouth Band”
  • 2000 = moved in with girlfriend (log cabin in woods of Marin), Office Manager for startup record label & commercial music production company, first experiences live-looping
  • 2001 = released Graceful Passages, got part-time job with GreenPoint Mortgage in Training Department, first started this website, cast in local theater production of The Fantastics
  • 2002 = released first solo vocal album One Mouth Band (live), joined a cappella group The Irrationals, local TV appearances
  • 2003 = performed around US as The One Mouth Band, founding member of The Vowel Movement Beatbox Collective
  • 2004 = performed in Singapore as The One Mouth Band, created LipBiz instrument lubricant for beatboxers, started Snap Synapse web development business
  • 2005 = won two Ward Swinger awards as The One Mouth Band in Graz Austria, started singing with childhood musical heroes SoVoSo
  • 2006 = released second solo vocal album 100% Organic Human Music (live), started TaKeTiNa Teacher Training certification, joined SoVoSo, first trip to Burning Man, started working as freelance Instructional Designer, officially incorporated Snap Synapse
  • 2007 = released album Done Waiting with The Irrationals, first solo tour in Australia & New Zealand, first International Body Music Festival, started teaching private voice & live looping lessons, beginning of my CouchSurfing Period
  • 2008 = whirlwind of performing and teaching workshops in US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand (including performing at New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival and becoming a finalist in 1st American Beatbox Championships), apprenticed with healer
  • 2009 = released One On One EP with girlfriend Nicolle Lane, started teaching sound healing, spent most of the year in Australia
  • 2010 = didn’t die as predicted, first tour in Brazil as part of the “Bay Area Sonic Ensemble”, started teaching online, lots of TaKeTiNa & CircleSong activity
  • 2011 = touring & teaching in Europe as The One Mouth Band, bought sailboat (home base), attempted to to emigrate to New Zealand, first podcast interview, started coaching
  • 2012 = released third solo vocal album Could Love (studio), started The Body Music Lab, helped found Return of the Cypher at the Boom Boom Room, lots of Drum Circle Facilitator’s Guild activity
  • 2013 = got ham radio license & CERT qualification, learned sailing, kayaking, paddleboarding, windsurfing, acrobatics, motorcycle riding, cofounded The Kaia Group sound healing trainings
  • 2014 = cowrote & produced “Raditatical: A Journey In Rhythm” at Montalbahn Theater in Hollywood, started singing with improv a cappella / sound healing group The Elements
  • 2015 = worked for Google creating the first YouTube Certified Online training program, part of International Music Festival in Bali
  • 2016 = moved in with girlfriend in Salt Lake City, coproduced daily livestreaming show “L&D Talk” with Brent Schlenker, best friend Jory Prum was killed as result of motorcycle accident, began speaking at Learning & Development conferences, obtained e-Residency in Estonia
  • 2017 = released album Listen with The Elements, released first book Just Do The Thing: A Guide, moved to central Utah to help care for mother-in-law, built studio, livstreaming for “TLDC”, became permanent resident of Panama, first expert witness gig
  • 2018 = released Doable Change podcast & started Doable Change Corp, bought Clear Mind Publishing, started Optimistic Holdings, first conference keynote, started “Your Best Work in L&D” mastermind group
  • 2019 = performing with Project VOX, livestreamed TLDC19 conference, blew up all websites, first social media fast, graduated from Seth Godin’s altMBA, awarded “Rockstar of the Quarter” by Cornerstone OnDemand, explored cinematic production
  • 2020 = switched to a plant-based diet, produced several online conferences & webinars, taught livestreaming & live looping to many fellow performers affected by COVID pandemic, served as Director of Marketing for Energy Utility Group, eventually closed up shop at Snap Synapse LLC and accepted Global Learning Technology & Analytics Manager role with ConvaTec, studied data analysis & visualization, got Prosci Change Management Practitioner certification

If I left out something you’d like to see here, or you are curious or confused about anything above, please comment below to let me know.