Hyperinflation is now


There is plenty of history to draw from when printing gobs of money from nothing. Just because we in the US haven’t been in such a massively disproportional stimulus mode here before doesn’t mean other countries haven’t. But history is written by the winners, and those countries…didn’t win. There is a lesson to be learned here, and we’re not likely to learn it the easy way. Which leaves only the hard way: hyperinflation.

We’re not being inventive or using our ingenuity when we stimulate our economy like is happening now by issuing currency to pay it out and jumpstart our economy. What we’re doing is repeating a tried and true playbook for tanking it all and ruining a good thing. Just because “everybody else is doing it” does not make it a sound strategy.

No matter who is in charge or what beliefs they may have or what political ideologies they may espouse, there are undeniable mathematical certainties at play. This has been the case for some time as our options for our escape from fate have dwindled. Now, reluctantly, I must admit that there doesn’t appear to be any way out. We’ve past our tipping point, and it’s all downhill from here.

Rather than me putting it all together, here’s a fantastic 20min video that does it better than I can.

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